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Most modern fabrics can simply be wiped down with a clean damp cloth.The best way to clean the fabric is to unclip the chain at the bottom of the strip of fabric you which to clean and then unhook it from the rail.Place the fabric on a clean flat surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth. This could be done why the fabric is hanging on the rail but you run the risk of creasing the fabric. After cleaning the fabric simply hang it back on the rail and reconnect the bottom chain.

We always recommend dry cleaning only, as some washing instructions say you can machine wash but you run the risk of shrinking your curtains

Although we try our best to represent the colour and texture of our blinds as accurately as possible, computer monitors vary significantly. Because all our blinds are custom made, we can not accept any responsibility for blinds which do not match you décor exactly. If an exact colour match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order as we can only accept returns in cases where we have supplied incorrectly.

Perfect Fit blinds are incredibly versatile, but they are best suited for uPVC windows that feature a beading (the flat, grooved strip that holds the glass in place). This is because Perfect Fit blinds require no drilling for installation; they simply clip onto the window frame. They are ideal for most types of windows including tilt and turn windows but may not be suitable for wooden or aluminium frames without the necessary beading.

Cleaning your windows with Perfect Fit blinds installed is straightforward. You can easily remove the blinds from their frame clips, allowing full access to the window for cleaning. For the blinds themselves, regular dusting or vacuuming with a brush attachment is typically sufficient. For deeper cleans, you can use a damp cloth, but be sure to check the care instructions specific to the fabric or material of your blinds.

While Perfect Fit blinds offer excellent coverage of the window, they may not completely block out all light. There is a small gap between the edge of the blind and the window frame which might allow for some light leakage. For rooms where complete darkness is required, consider using Perfect Fit blinds with a blackout fabric, though be aware that even with blackout fabric, total light blockage might not be achievable due to the nature of the installation.

Yes, Perfect Fit blinds can be pulled up or down (or tilted, depending on the style of blind you choose such as Venetian). This allows you to control light entry and privacy. The blinds are fitted within a frame that is clipped to your window, and they operate smoothly without dangling cords, offering a neat and tidy appearance along with functional versatility.

No, Perfect Fit blinds do not damage double glazing. The blinds are designed to fit neatly into the frame without the need for drilling or screwing into the window frame, which means there is no risk of damaging the seal or insulating properties of your double-glazed windows. This installation method makes them an ideal choice for conserving the integrity and warranty of your double glazing.

The primary difference between traditional shutters and Perfect Fit shutters lies in their installation and fitting style. Traditional shutters often require drilling into the window frame or wall to secure them, which can be invasive and permanent. Perfect Fit shutters, on the other hand, are designed to clip directly onto the window frame without the need for drilling. This makes them ideal for those who prefer a less permanent solution that is easy to install and remove, offering a clean, integrated look that complements the window’s existing structure.

Fitting Perfect Fit shutters is a simple and straightforward process. The shutters come with a frame that clips directly onto the glass of your window using a specially designed bracket that fits between the glass and the rubber seal of your window’s beading. This method requires no drilling or screws, making it perfect for uPVC windows. The frame snaps into place, and the shutters can be installed quickly and easily by practically anyone.

Yes, you can clean your windows even with Perfect Fit shutters installed. The shutters can be easily unclipped and removed from the window frame, allowing you full access to the window glass for thorough cleaning. After cleaning, the shutters can be just as easily clipped back into place.

The minimum width for Perfect Fit shutters can vary depending on the manufacturer, but typically, the smallest width available is around 23 cm. This dimension ensures that the shutters can be mounted securely and operate correctly, providing adequate coverage and functionality.

Perfect Fit shutters are generally not suitable for wooden or aluminium windows as these types of frames often do not have the required beading for the shutters to clip onto without drilling. Additionally, they are not ideal for windows that do not have a flat and smooth surface around the glass, as this can prevent the shutters from fitting securely. Windows that open inwards or have very little depth to the frame might also pose challenges for fitting Perfect Fit shutters. For such windows, traditional shutters or alternative window coverings might be more appropriate.

No, Perfect Fit roller blinds do not ruin window seals. These blinds are specifically designed to fit neatly within the frames of uPVC windows using a clip-in system that does not require any drilling or screwing into the window frame or seal. This installation method ensures that the integrity of the window seals is maintained, avoiding any damage that could potentially lead to issues like drafts or moisture ingress.

Yes, you can easily open a window with Perfect Fit roller blinds installed. These blinds are attached to the window frame itself and move with the window when opened. This design makes them particularly suitable for tilt and turn windows as well as standard casement windows, allowing you to ventilate your room without having to adjust or retract the blinds completely.

Perfect Fit roller blinds require minimal clearance since they are designed to fit within the window frame itself. However, it's important to ensure that there is enough room for the blinds' casing and mechanism. Typically, a depth of at least 1 to 2 cm in the window frame is necessary to accommodate the blind’s frame. Checking the specific requirements on our website is always recommended to ensure perfect fit and functionality.

Yes, you can fit your own Perfect Fit roller, this is a key advantage of these blinds. They are designed for easy DIY installation, requiring no special tools or professional skills. The blinds come with all the necessary components and straightforward instructions. The frame simply clips onto the window’s existing beading, and the roller mechanism is easy to insert and secure, making the installation process manageable for most homeowners.

Yes, Perfect Fit roller blinds are very easy to remove. This feature makes them an excellent choice for those who might want to frequently clean their windows or update their window dressings without hassle. The blinds can be unclipped from the mounting brackets attached to the window frame, allowing for quick removal without tools. This ease of removal and reinstallation adds a layer of convenience for cleaning, maintenance, or when you need to access the window for any other reason.

Drill Blinds are designed for quick and simple installation without the need for tools. Each blind comes with easy-fit mechanisms that securely attach to your window frames, ensuring a sturdy fit and excellent performance.


Our range includes various styles such as Perfect Fit Roller, Day & Night Blinds, Pleated, Shutters, and Venetian Blinds, as well as Grip Fit and Twist Fit Roller Blinds. Each type offers unique benefits to suit your preference and decor.


No Drill Blinds are versatile and can be fitted to most window types. It's important to check the specific requirements and measurements for each blind type to ensure compatibility with your windows.


No Drill Blinds are designed to offer optimal control over both privacy and the amount of light entering a room. Their construction and the materials used allow them to effectively block out unwanted views and light when needed.


Maintenance is straightforward—dust regularly with a soft cloth or duster. For deeper cleans, use a damp cloth but avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that could damage the material or the mechanism. Detailed care instructions are provided with each purchase.

No screw blinds are innovative window coverings that can be installed without the need for drills or screws. This makes them ideal for renters and individuals who prefer not to alter their living spaces permanently.


These blinds are designed for easy installation, usually involving a snap-fit or adhesive method that securely holds the blind in place without damaging the window frame or walls.


No screw blinds are versatile and can be fitted on most window types. It's important to check the specific fitting requirements for each style, such as Perfect Fit or Twist Fit options, to ensure compatibility.


We offer several styles, including Perfect Fit Roller, Day and Night Blinds, Pleated Blinds, Shutters, Venetian Blinds, Grip Fit Roller Blinds, and Twist Fit Roller Blinds, catering to different aesthetic preferences and functional needs.


Absolutely, no screw blinds provide excellent control over light and privacy. They fit tightly to your window, minimizing gaps and offering effective light filtering or blackout options depending on your chosen material and style.

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